Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles Review

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2018)

The Tommee Tippee brand doesn’t need any big introduction. You probably have already heard of this brand and even have a few of their products! I have found their Fiesta range to be very effective milk bottle for my baby’s reflux. Tommee Tippee includes a range of necessary things for feeding your child from birth through toddler years. There are complete starter kits, breast pumps, smart food and milk warmers, soothers, sippy cups, etc.

However, the most successful amongst them are baby bottles which function in a way the actual breast-feeding does, so the baby won’t know the difference. In addition, they are designed in such a manner that they help with reflux problems your baby might have.

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Firstly, let’s look at what with you are feeding your newborn. It’s usually mum’s milk, or a milk substitute, and both of these can be fed through a bottle. However, by using many of the bottles on market these days, you are feeding your child with one more thing: Bisphenol-a (BPA), a substance used for making plastic objects, and, amongst them, baby bottles. So, when the child takes food from the bottle, it is contaminated with BPA, and this toxic material can cause health issues. Closer to Nature baby bottles are BPA-free, so you can be sure that what your baby is taking in is only good for her.

Resembles Breastfeeding

It’s important that the baby feels like it’s being breastfed, even when that’s not the case. Inventors at Tommee Tippee thought about that as well and they’ve created the silicone nipple which feels like human skin. This is why your baby won’t know the difference, and won’t be confused by a new way of feeding. Thus, to name another advantage, dad can enjoy the feeding moments, just as well as mum can. So, whether you’re combining breast feeding with bottle feeding, or you want to make the transition from breast to bottle as gentle as possible, Closer to Nature line is the one for you.

Unique and Natural Shape

The shape of the non these bottles, its stretchiness, and possibility of movement all mimic the mum’s breasts. In addition to all the mentioned convenient traits of breast-similar bottle teat, this feature is also enabling the child to leach on to the bottle nipple without any difficulties. This is also important when it comes to reducing the reflux in babies, since there isn’t empty sucking and air swallowing, so your newborn will instantly know the difference between this and the regular bottle. And so will you, since you won’t end up with a nervous baby with digestive problems, but, instead, with a full and relaxed little one.

Ease of Handling

Furthermore, these bottles are really easy to handle. In whichever position you are feeding your young one, you’ll find it comfortable, since the bottles are very stable, and ergonomic, so you can hold them whichever way you want and need to. Also, if you happen to hold the child and have only one arm free, don’t worry – the lid is easily opened with only one hand.


Easi-vent allows for your baby to have as air free milky meal as possible. Namely, this vent prevents the air from mixing up with the food and the baby from swallowing it. This is an extremely important trait since, above everything else, it reduces the reflux. And not only reflux, but gases and bloatedness, as well.

If you are looking specifically to focus on these problems, especially the reflux, you would be interested in this brand’s anti-colic bottles. They have specially designed tube and valve system, which leads the air down the tube to the air compartment on the bottom of the bottle and thus completely prevents it from lingering in milk and the child from swallowing it.

The nipple also comes with different vents, so you can choose the speed of the milk’s flow. In the first few months, you’d want a slow flow teat, and, as the child grows, the flow can be increased to medium, and finally to fast, when the infant is completely accustomed to the feeding. Thus, you can adapt the feeding to your child’s age and motoric abilities.

Additionally, bottles from Closer to Nature Fiesta come in different colors, so, when your child starts saying her first words, different colored bottles can help with learning colors. Parents, on the other hand, could use differently colored bottles for easier organisation.

When it comes to similar products on the market, they are comparable in quality. However, many of them are much pricier, so they wouldn’t be everyone’s choice, especially when it comes to those parents who are trying to cut back on their reflux tommee tippee fiesta


  • BPA-free material
  • Silicone nipple which feels like skin
  • Stretchy nipple which can be moves about
  • Easy to leach on to the nipple thus reducing the reflux
  • Vents and valves system which separates air from milk, also reducing the reflux


  • Some difficulties with positioning the nipple while assembling the bottle
  • Slow flow nipples might allow for a bit speedier flow
  • The lid might not be as easily cleaned


Whatever your preferred way of feeding your newborn is, you definitely need a bottle, at least just in case. So, why not make your purchase count and take the brand that would make the feeding experience as better as possible for both yourself and your infant.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta will certainly do that. The baby will be comfortable during the meal, so you’ll be comfortable as well. More importantly, this bottle will reduce the reflux and all the other resolvable problems your baby might be experiencing after eating. So, if there is a solution, why not try it out? Also, compared to the other brands of similar specifications, it seems more affordable. So, all in all, when it comes to your baby’s comfort and better health in the earliest days, you can rely on these bottles.

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