Top 6 Coconut Oil Treatments For Healthy, Shiny Hair

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2019)

Recently, coconut oil has been vaulted into popularity by doctors, health gurus and beauty bloggers alike. Thanks to the seemingly limitless benefits it provides users. And it’s true, coconut oil is great for skin as well as dieting, but one of its greatest virtues is the way in which it can treat hair.

Coconut oil is a natural conditioner. (Read about my Devacurl Decadence review) The oil is equipped with essential proteins which keep hair looking healthy and shiny.

Coconut oil is typically found in commercial hair care products, primarily conditioners, which can also contain harmful/ineffective chemicals. Also, these commercial conditioners are usually needlessly expensive, run out quickly whereas a large tub of coconut oil is relatively cheap (has multiple uses).

In my books, coconut oil is the way to go! If you are a novice to the wonders of coconut oil, here are some hair treatments you should be trying now.

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6 Coconut Oil Treatments For Your Hair

coconut oil hair treatments


Throw out all those conditioner bottles littering your shower’s floor for your new, natural, better substitute!

Follow these steps to get shinier, healthier hair.
1. Thoroughly wet your hair under water
2. Take a small scoop (about 1-2 tablespoons should work depending on hair length) of your coconut oil and place it in a small bowl.
3. Fill a larger bowl with warm water.
4. Place the small bowl into the warm water of the larger bowl, and wait for the oil to melt
5. Once the coconut oil has melted, pour the mixture onto your hair, combing through it with a brush.
6. Keep in mind, the longer the oil is in hair, the longer it is able to work it’s magic! A shower cap or towel is recommended to wrap hair while the oil is soaking into the hair/scalp.
7. After about half an hour, shower with shampoo to remove oil.
(You can also put the oil on your hair at night, then wait until the next morning to wash it out)


Coconut oil can serve as a fantastic hair gel! When the oil is melted, it goes onto hair smoothly, then, as it dries and hardens, helps keep the hair’s shape.

1. Follow steps 2-4 from above in order to melt oil.
2. Style hair with the melted oil in any way you desire, whether that be spikes, a slicked back look, or just keeping hair in a ponytail the same way one would with gel

Hair Dying

Because of Coconut oil’s ability to penetrate hair deeply and quickly, it is great base for any hair dye. Coconut oil paired with hair dye also results in a more vibrant, more durable color.

1. Follow 2-4 as stated in the conditioning procedure to melt the coconut oil.
2. Mix coconut oil with hair dye.
3. Apply to hair.
4. Wait for the dye to set in, using whatever amount of waiting time is indicated on the dye’s instructions.
5. Once dye has properly been soaked in, shampoo hair with water to remove any excess.

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Split End Repair

If you have just a few split ends and don’t need to cut a bunch of them off, coconut oil can be used to repair those few hairs.

1. Follow 2-4 as stated in the conditioning procedure to melt the coconut oil (starting to get the picture?)
2. Mix equal parts coconut oil with almond oil.
3. Rub this mixture onto the tips of your hair where the split ends are located.
4. Allow the oils to sit on your hair for as long as possible
5. Rinse out mixture with shampoo and water

Dandruff Treatment

The fatty acids and proteins found in coconut oil serve as good dandruff preventers and treatments.
1. Melt coconut oil by following steps 2-4 as stated in the first example.
2. Mix equal parts coconut oil with lukewarm water and castor oil.
3. Massage into scalp.
4. Allow mixture to sit in hair for as long as possible.
5. Rinse out with shampoo and water.

UV Ray Protection

Unsurprisingly, coconut oil acts as a good natural sunscreen, part of the reason it is so popular in hotter regions around the world.
1. Melt coconut oil by following steps 2-4 as stated in the first example.
2. Gently rub coconut oil onto scalp.
3. Comb oil through hair.
4. Style as per usual.

Are you convinced yet? The uses of coconut oil for your hair are endless (only a fraction of these is covered in these examples). There’s a reason coconut oil has been used centuries, across a multitude of cultures. Next time you are at the supermarket, make sure to pick up a jar of coconut oil! Your hair will thank you. If you have black hair, read my conditioner for black hair review.

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