My Top Picks From Mamadoo + $50 Voucher Giveaway!

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2019)

Ever since I became a mum, strolling around leisurely in shopping malls have slowly become a rarity. If we were ever in a shopping mall, it’s usually a hectic event that demands all of my multi-tasking abilities. Pushing the stroller, making sure Miss 9 is still next to us, toddler crying from boredom, whoops there goes the snack cup she just threw on the ground… and where is the husband now?

I’m just so grateful that in this day and age, we have something else to turn to for our shopping needs. When it comes to online shopping, I’m definitely a huge advocate especially because living in the country means I don’t have access to many shops. I even shop online for my groceries and nothing compares to the utter convenience of having everything listed out clearly on your screen with the click of a button. Well, in case you haven’t heard, Mamadoo is Australia’s new online shopping destination for mums!

Mamadoo is a platform that houses many brands, giving you the convenience of a one-stop shop. I love how Mamadoo features the well-known brands as well as the smaller, unique brands that also boast some gorgeous pieces. One thing to note is that Mamadoo doesn’t just host shops that sell stuff for the kiddos, they also stock some pretty amazing stuff for us mums too.

I took the pleasure of ‘strolling leisurely’ around the Mamadoo mall today and found some gems that I love.

mamadoo top picks


From L-R:

1. Tiny and I Miami Fruit Loop Bead Necklace

Such a beautiful vibrant combi of nine 100% silicone beads that are waterproof, food-safe, non-toxic and safe for your child to teeth on. The beads are suckable and chewable but let’s face it, these will add such a stylish touch to any outfit whether you have a teething bub or not!

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2. Ayana Organics Big Belly Butter

Pregnant mums will enjoy the nourishing skincare products that Ayana Organics have to offer. This Belly Butter is actually part of a limited edition Pregnancy Pamper Pack that also includes their Certified Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea, 100% Organic Labour Oil, Desert Rose Pregnancy Bath Salts and Organic Perineal Massage Oil.

3. Message On A Bangle

I adore customized jewellery. With a choice of rose gold, silver and gold plating, you can get a special message chosen by you stamped on this gorgeous bangle. Perfect as a gift!

4. HerBelly Tea – Cheeky Choc Mint

This is a healthy herbal tea blend that helps with digestion and cravings created and researched with the guidance of a highly skilled naturopath. I don’t know about you but the mere sound of this delicious blend (Cacao, Chamomile and Peppermint) is enough to make my mouth water.

5. Luxe Tote Bag

Love at first sight for me! This bag is so trendy with thick lining, inside and side pockets. I love the geometric design. Perfect for the beach or a day out with the kids!

6. Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea

This 100% organic tea is meant to help with toning the uterus in preparation for childbirth. I stayed away from coffee and drank a lot of organic teas during my pregnancy and this Raspberry one just sounds beautiful.

7. Mum To Be Soy Candle

Made from 100% pure soy wax, these candles last longer, are non-toxic and eco-friendly. The 3 choices to choose from include Baby Powder, Cucumber and Melon and Japanese Grapefruit.

8. Eternity Circle Hand Stamped Pendant

Another customized jewellery pick. I love eternity circles, they’re classic and timeless. Each circle pendant is stamped to your specification.

9. Make Up Bag

This fully lined make up bag has a trendy stripe design (I’m a stripe addict!) and at 22cm x 7cm  x 14cm, is perfectly sized to just pop in your bag or diaper bag.

These are just a little sampling of what’s available for mums at Mamadoo. I have to say that I was really surprised at the variety I managed to find and the best thing about Mamadoo is they are constantly bringing in more suppliers to bring a greater variety to their mummy shoppers. If you like the convenience of online shopping plus the added convenience of having baby, kids and mummy products in one stop, you’d have to visit Mamadoo!

Mamadoo is offering a $50 voucher for a lucky reader! Instructions to enter are in the Rafflecopter widget as usual. Good luck!

*I received a voucher in exchange for sharing my top picks on Mamadoo.

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