The 5 Best Primers For Oily Skin and Large Pores That Are Actually Effective

(Last Updated On: December 13, 2018)

Primers are probably one of those things that you’ve always thought to be completely unnecessary, something that girls with perfect complexion let’s say, like putting on in order to make their skin seem even more perfect.

One reason to believe this is that ever since you can remember, you (like me) have been fighting a shiny forehead with all the power and tools you can get your hands onto, and a primer seemed like something reserved for those with a normal, balanced, a bit dry (but completely controllable) skin.


Best Primer for Oily Skin

Clinique Super Universal Primer Drugstore

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Clinique is a great drugstore brand when it comes to products for oily complexions and this lightweight, oil-free primer is not an exception. It makes an ideal makeup canvas for anyone, works with all types. The color corrects a range of concerns and preps your skin for makeup application and long wear.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Lightweight
– Oil-free
– Tinted for color correction
– Nicely blurs large pores
– Can we worn alone, without foundation
– Face feels less oily
– Doesn’t dry out
– Makeup goes on smooth

Keep In Mind:
– Doesn’t last as long as others
– Not suitable for very dry complexions

SACHA Mattifier Face Primer

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The Sacha Mattifier Face primer is another great option for those with oily skin. It works great and instantly absorbs all excess oils, while controlling your shine for at least eight hours. Yes, even more than eight hours! This primer’s formula is really lightweight formula and it’s an excellent base for makeup. One of the best things about this primer is that it comes with so little ingredients (unlike some others), and that you’ll actually be able to pronounce and understand them.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Very little ingredients
– Can be used with or without foundation
– Great canvas for makeup
– Controls shine
– Works with even the oiliest complexions
– The scent is mild
– Does great job at mattifying
– Lasts for more than 8 hours

Keep In Mind:
– Can be a bit too have when paired with heavy foundation
– Can feel a bit sticky

Aritaum Master Sebum Control

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It’s a breathable mineral polymer gel primer that smoothly covers and hides your pores and uneven skin. It works great with oily skin and controls sebum production. It contains green tea extract that soothes the skin. This primer comes in a nude shade and works well for every skin tone. When it comes to application, it’s smooth and velvety.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Smooths out the complexion amazingly well
– Makes great canvas for foundation
– Reduces the appearance of large pores
– Controls oil well
– Inexpensive
– Complexion looks great with this only and no makeup
– Keeps a matte look

Keep In Mind:
– Strong peachy smell
– Won’t last the whole day

SHANY Paraben Control Primer

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The SHANY Mattifier primer works great when it comes to absorbing excess oils and will sure give you a great soft matte finish. It’s a gel formula that dries in a powder-like finish. It also helps controlling acne breakouts, which makes this a great choice for those with oily, acne prone skin. This product is paraben and talc free.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Great for oily skin
– Works good with acne-prone complexions, controls breakouts
– Gel formula with powder-like finish
– Great base for makeup
– Doesn’t dry out
– A little goes along way before
– Matte finish
– Designed and manufactured in USA
– Suitable for very oily skin
– Paraben and talc free

Keep In Mind:
– If massaged onto the face will start to ball and leave behind white residue that you have to clean off
– Doesn’t last the whole day

DHC Velvet Coat Prime

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Manufactured by the Japanese company, DHC Corporation, this really softens the appearance of your complexion and improves your overall look. It’s transparent, powdery gel texture manages to create a smoother appearance of the complexion and works as a great facial canvas for further application of makeup.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Works great for oily skin
– Softens the appearance of your pores
– Transparent, works great with all tones
– Great base for foundation
– Reduces the appearance of large pores
– Can we worn alone, without foundation
– Great when worn without makeup

Keep In Mind:
– Not suitable for those with sensitive skin
– Chalky, doesn’t go on smoothly
– Small size for the price

What Are Oil Controlling Primers?

But my most recent discovery proves both me and you wrong. These will not only keep your makeup fresh and put for the whole day, but will also fight the overproduction of oil!

Primers targeted for oily complexions contain polymers that work on binding the foundation with your skin and on creating a nice, smooth base for your makeup. Some of them come with ingredients specially added to balance shine, one of those being silica.

The Difference Between Primers and Mattifiers?

You probably want to ask me – ‘But isn’t this a mattifier you’re talking about?’. It’s not, there’s actually a difference between them. Basically, the main difference between the two is that primers create the perfect canvas for your makeup, enabling it to last and stay put the whole day, while mattifiers are used to, as the name suggests, add a matte finish to your appearance.

This can be a bit confusing, but nowadays, with shiny makeup and highlighters being such a hit, you might want something that will control your shine, make your makeup last longer, but not completely mattify your complexion – that’s when you’ll want to reach out for an oil-free primer.


I’m using the Clinique Super Universal at the moment, and it works wonders, I’ve never been disappointed by Clinique. But all of the above primers (including the drugstore ones) worked well for me and my oily skin, so I do recommend them to everyone who is sick of blotting their face and T zone the whole day.

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