What Toys Should I Get For My 2-3 Year Old

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)

As a parent, sometimes you might not be sure on which type of toys suit your children’s age best. When they get to be 2-3 years old, you’ll notice that they become more energetic and start having this need for independence, but at the same time, they’re still so small and need help with mostly everything they do. This can be confusing when it comes to choosing toys, so my advice is to look for toys that will nicely channel their energy and support their fast mind development. Below are just some of the ideas of different toys you can get your 2-3 year old.


They have always been a toy that your kid adored, but now, when it can actually target its throws, balls will become even more popular. Also, the type of play is limitless, for instance you can set up baskets and you can play some basketball with them, or draw goal lines and play football.

Art Supplies

Children are amazingly creative, and it’s never too early to get them some art supplies to support their creativity. Of course, children this age can be messy, but you can deal with that by setting a play area in your home where they can work on their messy art.


Children this age simply love percussive instruments. It’s the perfect age to start realising about music, so why not support their development with some nice tambourine, drum, or some rhythm sticks? They’ll love it, and it’s good for them.

Puzzles and Manipulatives

Nowadays, there are so many amazing toys on the market that actually promote thinking and logical play for any age. Just make sure you don’t get too complicated ones, so check the box if the toy is suitable for ages 2-3. You can get anything that means nesting cups or shapes one into another, assembling 5-6 piece puzzles or maybe using plastic keys to open and close toy doors.

Child-size Household Equipment

Kids love realistic toys, they love playing grown ups. So this is the perfect age to get some realistic set of toy dishes, pots and pans for your little one. They can host tea and dinner parties, and even make cleanup fun with their little vacuum cleaners and brooms.

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