Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail Review

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2019)

A diaper pail is great to have at home as it helps maintain hygiene. It just makes things so much simpler when it comes to disposing of baby diapers. Come to think of it, we have a bin for other household wastes so why not the best diaper pail just for diapers? Today I’m talking about the Ubbi steel diaper pail – one of my favorites!

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail Review

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The Ubbi steel diaper pail is an award-winning baby essential, well designed to dispose of baby diapers. With the many features it has, it is definitely one of the best diaper pails in the market. Below are some of the top features that make it so functional and convenient to use.

Features and Benefits

Solid metal

As the name suggests, the steel diaper pails’ body is mostly made of steel. I love that it is so sturdy compared to other materials such as plastic. Most plastic pails can easily crack or break when dropped or due to too much exposure to sunlight, but this steel diaper pail doesn’t.

The steel body is intact, preventing most of the odor from escaping. If you live in a smaller home, this is ideal!

This is contrary to its plastic counterparts, which have a porous nature releasing some of the odor through the pail.

Can hold many diapers

This steel diaper pail can hold an estimate of around 50 diapers. This means that you can keep dumping your baby’s diapers without regularly emptying it. Of course, this also depends on the size of the diapers you use. It will take lesser larger diapers obviously, so be careful to check when it’s full.

Apart from being able to hold enough diapers, the steel pails’ shape is suitable to place in any place. It is quite sleek and takes up a small area, making it convenient if your space isn’t big enough. I also like Munchkin for this reason.

Well sealed

Made from one of the best-combined materials which include steel and rubber, it can seal off odor coming from already used diapers. This makes it a great alternative to trash bags and bins, considering that used diapers tend to smell a lot.

Both the rubber and sliding door features cut the amount of smell that escapes from the pail. Even as you throw in your baby’s diaper, the smell that comes out is less due to the sliding door which opens a small part enough to slip in the diaper.

The lock is perfect if you have young children who walk around touching items. With the knob at the top of the lid, your child will need to turn it to open the pail.

The lid is tight so your child cannot open it and let out the foul smell in the room. This makes it hygienic preventing the cropping up of diseases due to contact with waste.

A wide variety of colors

The different colors of the Ubbi steel diaper pail provide you with a selection to choose from. You can pick the color that blends in with your interior décor and style.

With a colorful color palette, your home can still look stylish even with the pail placed in one corner of the room.


With the steel diaper pail from Ubbi, you do not need to buy specialized bags for diaper disposal at the store every time you go shopping. Special diaper bags need to be specifically made to function properly and most are quite expensive.

Buying refills will cost you a fortune making the Ubbi steel diaper pail a nice alternative. Regular visits to the store and buying special bags would cost you both your time and money.


  • You do not have to buy special bags to dispose of your child’s diapers making it a cheaper option
  • Easy to use and clean
  • The ability to hold many diapers saves you money otherwise spent on diaper refills
  • Helps you maintain a high level of hygiene in your home since your kid cannot open it and it seals in odor
  • The different colors allow you to design a color palette for your home and look stylish
  • ts capacity is enough to hold an entire week’s collected disposable diapers


  • The opening is slightly small for larger sized diapers, forcing you to squeeze them in
  • It would function better with a foot pedal rather than opening with your hand

About Ubbi

Ubbi world is a company that manufactures products that are meant for a home with children. After the successful launch of the company back in 1999, its designers and engineers have been coming up with innovations for home solutions.

Most of the products are made to make work easier for parents and to make children in the home comfortable. At the same time, they maintain a clean and safe environment for child development.

Ubbi world has come up with a modern approach and effort to manufacture the best designs for baby products. Their unique ranges of products are of a high quality and simple to use. This provides a wonderful experience for their customers. Modern parents now have innovative, quality and convenient products to use.

The introduction of the Ubbi steel diaper pail in the year 2011 provided a solution for diaper disposal. Instead of using trash bags, customers can now use the steel diaper pail among other baby products which are convenient for both a baby and a home.


If you are asking yourself if you really need the Ubbi steel diaper pail, then you shouldn’t question yourself further. The convenience, quality, and features above make it ideal for your child’s diapers. Buy one and prevent that stinking smell from filling up your house. Hope my Ubbi diaper pail review helped!

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