VS Sassoon 3Q High Performance Dryer Review

(Last Updated On: October 20, 2016)

Another new hair product release last month, I was extremely excited about the new VS Sassoon 3Q High Performance Dryer. I always and without fail give my hair a quick blow dry after a shower. I find that my roots lack volume (a predicament that I reckon was brought on by pregnancy) and blow drying my hair just really adds some much needed lively volume to my dull hair.

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If you use other hair styling products, you will also find that they won’t work as well on wet hair. If you’d take just a couple of minutes with the hair dryer, styling products will often work much better.

vs sassoon 3q hair dryer review


The 3Q (Quick, Quiet, Quality) High Performance Dryer marks the biggest breakthrough in hairstyling since the hand-held dryer first launched with its revolutionary brushless motor.

Basically, this brushless motor combines all the benefits of a professional AC Motor Dryer (the heavier and larger ones that are usually used in hair salons and have a powerful airflow) but with the lightness of a DC Motor (used in your standard every day dryer).

3q hair dryer high performance vs sassoon


This hair dryer is 70% faster than standard ones with an airspeed of 150km/h (I was seriously blown away when I realised just how fast – pun intended). For someone who blow dries her hair often, the faster drying speed is definitely much appreciated. Not to mention that less time using less heat also means lesser hair damage.

Now obviously with such a powerful motor, this 3Q Dryer is significantly louder than my wee little compact travel hair dryer that I own. I have always only had fold-up travel ones as I travel quite often and like to take it along. Despite it being louder as one would expect, this 3Q Dryer is still loaded with a patented noise reduction technology. I would say it’s quieter than a salon one. It is also, as expected, heavier than the one I own but at 480gms, it’s not exactly heavy.

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The innovative brushless motor in this is supposed to be of excellent quality and last long. In fact, it has been tested up to 5000 hours. You will find that the usual carbon brushes in typical hair dryers will wear out over time and stop the motor from working. This brushless motor, in contrast, uses magnets and electronics to drive the motor, allowing the life of the dryer to extend 10 fold.

The 3Q Dryer also comes with 6 control settings. You can choose from 3 heat settings, 2 speed settings plus a true cold setting. I find this very useful as I’m able to customise the setting I want depending on my preference and how wet I deem my hair to be. Another note-worthy feature is its true cold setting. The 3Q cuts the motor rather than turn off the heat which allows it to be genuinely cold. I was impressed with how cold it actually was. It’s much healthier and is my favourite setting to use.


Other features include ceramic technology (helps hair to easily and effectively absorb heat in a way that minimizes damage and stress), high ionic conditioning (eliminates static, styles faster and reduces frizz by up to 75%), 2.7m long cord for easier manoeuvrability and it also comes with a 5 year warranty.


I have nothing for praise for this VS Sassoon 3Q High Performance Hair Dryer. It’s obviously not a compact one that I’ll be able to take along on travels but for home use, it is impressive. I absolutely love all the settings and how fast my hair dries now. My hair also looks a lot healthier and if the claims prove true, I can look forward to having this dryer for a really long time.

If you’re someone like me who blow dries your hair often, I’d say this is a really good investment. The brushless motor is created to really last and this will reduce your hair drying time as well.

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Want to know more? Have a look at this video featuring the beautiful Celia Pavey, ambassador for the 3Q Dryer for some tips for a better blow dry.


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