VTech Baby Peek-A-Boo // Prepping the Preschooler For Bub

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2018)

One of the things that constantly came up when I was in my last trimester of pregnancy was: “How are you preparing Miss 3 for a new baby?” To be honest, it wasn’t even something that was on my mind. As I read up more about the topic though (What do you do in pregnancy right? Google lots of things all the time! Not always good, I know), I realised there are benefits in prepping children (especially little ones) for a new addition to the family. I had the perfect tool to help me as well – this really adorable VTech Little Love Baby Peek-A-Boo doll.

vtech baby peek a boo doll

Baby Peek-A-Boo is an interactive doll that features 60+ phrases and songs. I really like this variety because it means my preschooler is exposed to a lot more and also, I don’t get cranky from a doll repeating all but 10 phrases all day long.

The doll is designed to revolve around pretend play, nursery rhymes while teaching about food, body parts, numbers and feelings. This is especially useful and educational for toddlers learning their body parts – pressing the doll’s left foot, for example, will make Baby Peek-A-Boo say “This is my left foot!”.

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Even as an adult, I love the nifty electronic features and basically, the range of tech toys from VTech. I still like the basic toys for my kids (building blocks etc) but as a gadget and tech lover, VTech appeals to even me as an adult. Miss 3 loves that she can actually play Peek-A-Boo for real with the doll. Covering and uncovering Baby Peek-A-Boo’s eyes will trigger adorable reactions and phrases such as “Where are you?” “Here I am!”. Miss 3 also loves the light that blinks to music and phrases.

vtech baby doll peek-a-boo



As a parent, I love the design of this doll. It is perfectly sized for toddlers and preschoolers and feels pretty solid for them to carry around and cuddle. It is well made and looks strong enough to withstand all the tugging from little kids. This developmental toy also encourages independent play, motor skills and imaginative play. As we have been talking to Miss 3 about having a new baby, she loved showing off how she was a good mummy to her new doll. I feel that cuddling, rocking, nursing, singing to the doll made her even more excited about the impending arrival of our real life baby. We also used the doll to teach and demonstrate how to be gentle with a baby and talk about how babys are very delicate, tiny and need lots of tender care.

Overall, this is a toy that makes both kid and mumma happy. Pretty rare, if I say so myself! If you have a toddler or preschooler who loves dolls or has a new bub coming into her life soon, this VTech Baby Peek-A-Boo is a great Christmas gift idea!


VTech’s Baby Peek-A-Boo doll RRP: $34.95 and is available at Kmart (It’s on sale for $29 at the moment). Suitable for ages 2 and above.


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