Warm Mist or Cool Mist Humidifier: Which Is Better For Baby’s Cold?

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2018)

When a baby catches a cold one of the first things you are advised to do is to get a humidifier that will help the baby breath comfortably. Choosing the right humidifier for your baby can be a challenge especially when you are getting conflicting advice about the warm mist and cold mist. For more information on humidifiers and babies, click here to read more! Here is what you need to know about the two kinds of humidifiers so you can choose the right one for your baby.

Warm Mist Humidifier

A warm mist humidifier boils water before releasing it into the air in the form of mist. The boiling process kills mold and bacteria present in water. They work best in small rooms are relatively quiet since they don’t do not operate using a fan.

Warm mist humidifiers require regular cleaning to remove mineral deposits left behind after water has evaporated. They have high energy requirements. When placed too close, the steam could harm the baby. There is also a higher risk of hot-water accidents. The warm-mist humidifier can be used in place of central heating in the nursery during cold winter months. This is because warm-mist keeps the baby’s mucus loose hence easily coughed up unlike dry air, which cause mucus to thicken.

humidifier for babys cold

Cold Mist humidifier

Cold mist humidifiers have an internal wick filter or sponge that absorbs water. A fan then blows air through the filter to produce a fine mist that is dispersed across the room. This makes them noisier than the warm mist humidifier. Cold mist is easier to inhale than warm mist. Humidity unblocks nasal passages and lessen the effects of a sore throat. Using a cold mist humidifier in the nursery eliminates the risk of hot water accidents.

They are cheaper to operate and maintain. No minerals from the water are deposited on the cold mist humidifier making them easier to clean. Cold-mist humidifiers disperse vapor effectively over a large room. It is advisable to use treated or distilled water in the cold-mist so to ensure no harmful bacteria is spayed into the air.


Although a warm-mist humidifier is better for the baby during winter, the risk of hot-water accidents reduces its portability and is a safety concern. The cold mist humidifier is better for a baby with cold for most part of the year. It is energy-efficient, easier to maintain, versatile and safe for use in the nursery.

Remember to dry the humidifier in between uses and change water daily to prevent accumulation of bacteria.

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