Wedding Anniversary Letter to my Husband / 3

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2018)

Husband and I celebrated another wedding anniversary this year. I have already written two previous wedding anniversary letters to my husband – something which started out for fun but now has become a tradition of sorts. Oh well, why not? It’s interesting when I read those previous ones and have a little recap about what we have been through and how we have grown. Also – crazy to realize how quickly time flies isn’t it?

This year, I think I have something a little more light hearted though.

wedding anniversary letter to husband



Well, this year has been interesting. The biggest change in our lives is about to take place in a matter of weeks. See, we initially agreed no more little kiddies. In fact, not that long ago, we were so happy about getting past the diaper stage and never ever having to revisit it again. Still, we were really excited to find out I fell pregnant (though not so happy about how sick I was).

Thank you for pulling your weight and doing what you could when I was very sick. There were times I felt extremely guilty when you became the sole person doing the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, kid minding, laundry… not to mention working full time and renovating the house. Seriously, not many men I know can take it all in their stride like you did.

Speaking about renovations, have I told you how many times I think to myself “I’m so thankful that my husband has made this such a comfortable home for us”? I love every single ounce of labour you have put in forย the house. I love my amazing ensuite that you built for me (especially handy right now – yes, I wake up 3 times a night thanks to pregnancy bladder), I appreciate my newly tiled modern kitchen and I’m still in awe of the features you have done on the lounge room. You are extremely smart, talented and hands on – I think I should tell you that more often.

We didn’t do much on our wedding anniversary as you had work and I’ve just been too pregnant and tired. But we did have take away, a nice movie night and yes, you insisted on lighting candles and putting on some music to go with our very simple night.



I still enjoy your company tremendously and you’re still my best friend. Now, let’s count down to the excitement and mayhem that’s coming in a few weeks. I’m so excited to meet our new baby x

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