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Yet another year down! I can’t believe how quickly time flies (cliched, I know, but true). Last year, I started a tradition of writing my husband a wedding anniversary letter . What do you know, it turned out to be one of the most popular posts on my blog. Perhaps there are a lot of ladies out there who wish to pen down a meaningful message to their spouses/partners so they’re out searching for some much needed inspiration. Well, I’m not sure if they did actually find what they’re after because that post of mine wasn’t exactly champagne-and-roses given our circumstances then. Read my wedding anniversary letter to my husband in this post:

I’m still unsure if writing a wedding anniversary letter to hubs is sweet or cheesy. I know some people raise an eyebrow. But who worries about other people’s opinions, right? Writing such a message is meaningful, I think, and I see it as a way of penning down some highlights (or not-so-high lights) of our year together for the memory’s sake. This year, I wanted to give a special card instead of the same old (never hurts to do something different) – if you’re wondering, you really need this handmade wooden card! It’s really unique and definitely complements whatever gift you have planned.

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Dear Husband,

Another year, another adventure. This year, I have been tremendously proud and constantly surprised. People warn not to expect your partner to change, or to attempt to change your partner. I am, however, proud to say that I got to witness that it is possible for someone to change for the better.  The key was that you truly cared. You made what mattered to me, matter to you and you made it your mission to try.

Some people insist that they will not try to change for the better unless the other person does first (words I’m sure we have blurted at some point) but this year, you have really led by example by being the change and in the process, really garnering my respect for you.

This year, you have surprised me with how hands-on you have become with the kids. You get up before me on your days off and you’re up making breakfast for the kids and even making me mine in bed. You said maybe we should do something we used to enjoy when we were dating – cook together. And that is what you have been doing on your days off. We cook together and even do the dishes together while chatting and enjoying the music in the background. I so truly enjoy your company.

You’re often busy at work or busy renovating the house. When I tell you how much I appreciate your efforts, you tell me you’re just serving me the way I serve you and the family.

Thank you for daily loving me, cherishing me, appreciating what I do for the family… Thank you for daily accepting my flaws, forgiving my wrongs, accommodating my weaknesses and inspiring me to be better.

Thank you for making the conscious effort daily to be a better husband and better dad. I am impressed by your resolution, surprised by your persistence and so very proud of your journey. Our relationship is so much better because of you and you have inspired me to put in just as much dedication towards our marriage.


“Marriage provides the solace of worked-on friendship and the joy of being known profoundly.”

-Imogene Stubbs


That’s my heart poured out on a card for my husband. My honest thoughts that I might sometime not feel as comfortable saying or forget to.

Of course, such an occasion comes with the dilemma of finding a wedding anniversary gift…

I say dilemma because it’s always the case with me. We’ve been married a good few years now and I never know what to get him anymore! If you’re after some ideas, you’ll have to check these wedding anniversary gift ideas out! Depending on your budget, this couples watch will make an exquisite gift or this really meaningful wall plaque.



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