Wedding Photography Trends That Add Energy & Style To Your Album

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2018)

Your wedding album has so much nostalgia attached to it. Even years after your marriage, it will be a treasured memorabilia that takes you back to the special day, as if it was yesterday. It is only fair that you’d want your wedding album to have such oomph that while you are flipping through it years after your marriage, you go, “that is really pretty, we were cool” 😉

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Having a perfect wedding is everyone’s dream and a perfect wedding album is a very big part of that dream. Wedding photography packages like these ones are always in sync with the latest trends of the world and why should yours be any exception?

Here are 10 2018 Wedding Photography Trends you should follow to get a flawless album:

1.) Trash the dress: This trend is everywhere. This trend, which breaks the norms of the “perfect” white dress and turns it around, is a rage around the globe. What the couple does here is that it destroys the dress completely by tearing and splashing it. We understand that this sounds like an act which requires a lot of bravery, but the end results are beautiful. The trend makes up for some unique, surreal and beautiful shots and shows that “imperfect” is the new “perfect”.



2.) Candid shots: We know that this is not necessarily a “latest” trend and have been on the scene since years. However, everybody will agree that they are one of the best shots in an album. The photographer captures the natural tenderness of moments between people. These candid pictures simply look gorgeous.


3.) Underwater pictures: Water in itself is so picturesque, now, place a couple in their awesome wedding attire in the water and you get a picture which is ravishing beyond words. Photographers love the trend and often take the underwater pictures of the couples.underwater-destination-wedding-photography-min


4.) Black and White pictures: Black and white images look fantastically delicate and have an “old-worldly” appeal to them. These pictures were in vogue some 15 years back, but are doing rounds again. It really is not very hard to see why they are favoured; the pictures with “flawless” lighting have a very romantic feel.


5.) Film Photography: Film photography is taking the whole world by storm; it clearly reflects in the high demands of film photographers. These pictures are taken with analog cameras against the digital cameras. The pictures are developed in the dark room as opposed to the computer, and are typically softer, which gives a surreal feel to the pictures.

6.) Experimental angles: Many photographers are experimenting with the angles of the pictures and are getting innovative with them. They capture the ceremony from different and unusual angles and the result is stunning images. Getting creative with the angles helps the photographers and the photos to convey the uniqueness of the couple.

7.) Smoke bombs and confetti pops: Couples and photographers are obsessed with shots including smoke bombs and confetti shots, alike. These shots have a dramatic effect, look marvelous, and increase the fashion value of the wedding album. Timing matters the most in these shots like every other photo, and by managing to click the picture on perfect time, the photographers create some timeless pictures.

8.) Shooting the proposal: Aren’t proposals the sweetest thing ever? The beauty of a proposal deserves to make it to your wedding album. Photographers place the couple in a picturesque setting and shoot the proposal scene. And if you want the picture to be “all-real”, hire a photographer for when you actually propose.

9.) Editorial style shots: These glamourous shots draw inspiration from fashion photography. The photographer puts the subjects in a “high on elegance” setting and then clicks the pictures. The pictures clicked in an editorial style look very stylish.

10.) Picture of the bridal dress: The wedding gown of the bride is, hands down, the most spectacular thing in the wedding. Before the bride puts it on, the photographers click the dress in its magnificence. They play with the lighting and other settings and create absolutely stunning shots.

11.) Capturing “the look”: When the bride walks in and inspires awe in the beholders, the look on the groom’s face is priceless and needs to be photographed. The look in his eyes when he sees his beloved walking down the aisle makes for the “perfect” click.

2018 Wedding Photography Trends

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