What Are Shopkins? The Craze Behind It All

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

Recently, children from all over the world have been begging their parents to get them the Shopkins toys. Parents stay bewildered as these collectable characters seem to get more and more popular on television and more.

But they keep asking – what are Shopkins? Why and how exactly did these toys become so popular? What’s so special about them? Well below is everything you need to know about this new trend your kids have been so obsessed with lately.

What Are Shopkins?

Before getting some of these little rubber toys for your children, you probably want to know something more about what exactly they are and what makes them so popular. Well, basically, Shopkins are those small, brightly coloured toy characters in the shape of grocery items. They’re produced by the Australian toy maker Moose Toys, and have been on the market ever since 2014.

Each of those creative little items has its own name and distinct character. The fun is never ending, since there are hundreds of different collectable characters, and some of them are really difficult to get, because they can be rare or ultra rare, and plus there are the ones from the special edition.

Kids love those cute rubber foods, they play with them, trade them, mix and match them.

And aside from the tiny grocery items, they come with toy shopping bags and baskets, plus there is the Shopkins Small Mart, where kids can shop and play at as if they are in a grocery store, but there are some other sets too, like the bakery/fruit stand. The ways to play with them seem to be unlimited – kids use and develop their imagination in order to recreate something they regularly do with their parents.

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Why I Love Shopkins For My Kids:

There are more reasons than one why me and my friends have been so supportive on our kids’ obsession with those little grocery characters.

They promote creativity

First of all, they promote creativity and develop children’s imagination. You know those toys that your children love for the first 10 minutes and then they just stack them in some part of their room, never to play with again? Well, Shopkins are definitely not one of those. The stories that kids come up with while playing with them are never ending. They instantly start building characters and storylines, some kids get to be cashiers, the others shoppers. They even talk about ingredients and what they need to buy to prepare a nice, balanced meal. It’s amazing.

Shopkins toys promote group play

It’s the perfect toy for group plays. I also did a review on Stuffies. Unlike some other toys that actually kids just tend to fight over, these tiny characters are even more fun with more kids playing at once. The ways on how to include another player are limitless – while one children stacks Shopkins on the shelves, the other ones checks them out, and the third one slides them on the slide.

They are not gender specific

You might think at first that it’s the perfect toys for girls, but actually boys love them too! With the broad choice of different characters, there are ones suitable for everyone. Siblings love playing with them together, they collect the different characters, look for the rare ones, and purchase all the different foods, like pizza, ice cream, and fruits and vegetables together.

They are affordable

When compared to all the other toys that my kids like and ask for, those are totally affordable. Even the 12 pack of Shopkins and the Small Mart play set come in really affordable prices for what they offer. Just compare them to the toys around them in the shop, and you’ll get what I’m saying. Given how obsessed my kids are with those, I’m really happy and lucky that they’re not expensive at all.

They strengthen children’s memory

With all the names and different character faces that kids need to remember, I’d say that they sure influence children’s memory for the better. The number of possible characters is basically more than hundreds, you’ll be surprised on how fast your kid can remember different names when they enjoy the game so much.


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