Why I Choose To Live Naturally

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2018)

How And Why To Live And Eat The Natural Way?

I know there are bloggers everywhere you look showing off their perfect green smoothies, healthy and pretty plates of food along with organic lifestyle info, colorful gardens and bragging about how going all natural has improved their skin, made them lose weight and on and on… but that’s not me. I’m not about that. My smoothies look like smoothing the cat threw up, I don’t have beautifully decorated plates of food, or a garden, my skin is nowhere near perfect, and no matter what I try I just can’t shed those pesky pounds. So I’m not another perfect looking, happy, buy this product and that product and “oh look at my professional chef looking organic smoothie!” blogger. I’m real. I want to share with you how and why I choose to live naturally by eating organic and using all natural products in the home and the honesty behind it as well as how I make it work for my family and my budget.

“Living naturally used to be the only way, as it should be again.”

 Why I choose to live naturally

So, first things first… let’s get real for a moment. I decided a few years ago to make the natural switch in as many areas as I could. I wanted a healthier, safer home for the baby I just brought into it. Learning about the shocking truths about what’s in our food and everyday products terrified me and I immediately stopped using everything I had, threw it all out and started over with things that didn’t contain all those terrifying ingredients. I went 90% organic and Non-GMO in my diet, now use only all natural and organic skin care, body care products and cosmetics and also only use safe, non-toxic household cleaners and other household items. Why? The answers are very simple. First, look at the ingredients in your traditional everyday household product you pick up at the store. I guarantee you that at least 85% of those ingredients are toxic chemicals that even the scientists who create them in the lab protect themselves from touching or breathing in. So why would you put them in your home? The same thing goes for the food you eat. GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) are in 90% of the food we eat and they are dangerous to our bodies. GMO’s are linked to cancer’s and many other serious health problems and are banned from use in over 30 countries. Our bodies are being poisoned. What can we do? Tell the companies behind the use of GMO’s such as Monsanto that we do not want them in our food by only buying GMO project verified foods and all organic produce. Detox your body from toxins and choose to return your body to health. Another big ingredient that must be avoided at all costs are parabens. They are in almost every body care item on the market. To reduce your intake of highly dangerous parabens, switch to organic body care items and cosmetics. To read more about parabens read my blog on them here: Are Parabens Your Enemy?

These ingredients should not be allowed in our homes, but sadly they are. I choose to make a stand by avoiding them, allowing my voice to be heard to doing my best to keep my body healthy. We all should be more mindful of what we put in and are exposed to on a daily basis. It’s time we choose a healthy natural life!

Now that we’ve gotten the harsh facts out of the way, I’d like to share how I make it all work. Organic and natural living can be a bit difficult and inconvenient, not to mention expensive so being a low income single mom, how do I do it? By knowing where to shop!

I love getting the best bargains and saving as many pennies as I can every time I shop, so I’ve found some ways that really help. Shop at stores that offer the best deals, get a member card for the grocery store to save a bit on expensive organic produce, and try to plan your meals as best as you can. I buy most of all of my skin care, body care and household items online at sites that offer discounted prices such as Vitacost.com. Even department stores like TJMAXX have amazing prices on natural products for body and home and even snacks. A little goes a long way when saving and shopping at discount places. And do I have to mention coupons? Search online for coupons on the organic products you want to buy. It is definitely worth the money and effort for you and your children’s health.

In conclusion, the reason I choose to live naturally is because it’s what’s natural and what is meant for our bodies. We should not be subjecting ourselves to harmful chemicals, we should be protecting ourselves and our families from them and providing the nutrition we all need. I want my child to grow up healthy and strong, we should all love our children enough to do what is right and best for them, and that also means taking care of ourselves too. Creating a healthy, happy home is a goal we should all share and work towards. This is why I choose to live naturally. What about you?

“Eating Organic Isn’t A Trend, It’s a Return To Health.”


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  • YES~ I completely agree with you! I try my hardest to live as naturally as possible – of course a few sweets find there way in, but majority = healthy! ♡ dynamicbohemian.com

  • I buy some organic, but not exclusively. Honestly, I can’t afford it. My boys are tweens and they eat me out of house and home right now, so I need to get the most bang for my buck and organic doesn’t always fit the budget.

    • I hear you! It is really hard to afford to always eat organic, that’s why I use coupons, shop the discount shelves and try to buy wisely and plan meals as much as I can.

  • Ok – you are so funny! Something that you cat threw up/smoothie…I was dying!! But – I love your routine and how you kinda started little by little. Makes it more attainable and realistic for me!
    Karen | GlamKaren.com

  • After I had my son I made a point to only by natural cleaners, I like to use vinegar. My mom swears by Vitacost.com she gets so many great organic, gluten free products from them.

  • ke everything I can, but am happy to try products from companies that I trust, like Burts Bees. As for organic food, I buy everything I can that is grown within 50 miles of my house. I had the same issue as Robin as far as price goes, but I discovered Aldi’s and that took care of that for me. I love that you said your smoothies look like some the cat threw up!

    • That’s great! Buying local and from trusted companies is absolutely the best. Yeah, it’s true about my smoothies! LOL

  • I love how you mentioned that eating organic isn’t a trend but it’s getting back to healthy. Here there are no regulations to back up if the products are actually organic or not but we still buy what we can.
    We also eat less meat and cut back on sugars too. Our rule of thumb, if my Grandma wouldn’t recognize it as food…we shouldn’t be eating it.

  • I agree with everything here! I started my journey towards a greener life right before I got pregnant with my oldest, so almost 10 years ago. It is not easy to do, especially on a budget, but it is worth it in the long run!

  • I agree and need to make a better change in the way we eat, etc. We are on our way to becoming more natural and organic. I haven’t yet, but want to make my own soap, etc.

  • I chose more natural for the same reasons. I want to put better ingredients into and on my body. I’m not perfect all the time, but I definitely try to be more label conscious. Vitacost and TjMaxx do have great options, as does Thrive Market. I do wish it wasn’t so expensive to be healthier.

  • I think your quote on the bottom really hits the nail on the head. Eating naturally REALLY is not a trend and everyone should be taking advantage of what the earth has to offer us!

  • I choose some more natural things than I have previously. However, a lot of things that taste very good like my grandmothers recipes include butter, salt and pepper. Everything in moderation.

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