Does Milk Actually Cause Acne? 5 Important Things You Should Know

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2019)

I have the most sensitive skin in the world. I know it’s a big thing to say, but believe me, you don’t want to have my skin. Every time I fly, I get on the plane with the nice smooth skin I worked so hard to achieve, only to get off 4 hours later with something that can be mistaken for a crab from afar.

This means I tried everything. And I mean everything. I persuaded myself that I really don’t adore chocolate that much, that all the nice coconut face masks are not worth the risk, I even went vegetarian for 2 years! But recently I had to face probably the hardest of them all – after consulting with a dermatologist, I had to cut dairy products from my diet.

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Why Milk Is Bad For Acne?

Well, according to dermatologists there are more than one reason why dairy might cause (or worsen) acne:

It contains natural hormones

And as you’ve been told many times before, hormones lead to acne. So this is the number one reason why you should avoid dairy according to dermatologists. Imagine, there are more than 60 hormones in just one glass of raw cow milk. It kind of makes sense, since milk can come from pregnant cows only, so this means that the milk contains hormones from both the male and the female.

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Dairy is a source of sugar

This is a more than obvious reason. All of us that have sensitive acne-prone skin had to learn the hard way that acne loves sugar, and milk is full of the milk sugar called lactose. Lactose can not only be bad for you because it can raise the blood sugar, but it’s also allergenic for many people, actually approximately 65% of the human population has a reduced ability to digest lactose after infancy.

Dairy is one of the most inflammatory foods

It’s really important for people with sensitive skin to be careful not to consume inflammatory foods, and eat as much of the anti-inflammatory ones as possible. Animal proteins are one of the proteins that actually inflammatory, and dairy proteins are the ones that are most linked to skin problems.

It Promotes the Cancer-Growth Factor, IGF-1

If you’re like me and you’re prepared to do anything in order to avoid cancer, than you already know that IGF-1 is one of the main things you have to stay away from. Well, apparently IGF-1 can be found in dairy products. It refers to insulin growth factor and not only has it been linked to cancer, but also to acne because of the way it influences hormones like testosterone and estrogen.

It’s very hard to digest

Very, very, very difficult to digest. And by being so problematic, our bodies sometimes can’t filter the toxins properly, so the skin, the biggest organ of them all suffers because it gets toxins trying to get out in the form of acne. And it’s really logical if you ask me, cow milk is meant for baby cows, not for humans. And if we, as humans, insist on drinking cow’s milk, we should probably do it only as infants.

Does It Mean I Can’t Have Dairy?

Well, yes. Sorry, but the best option is to completely cut it out of your diet, and this means not only milk, but also that delicious cheese, ice cream, butter, and so on. I know, it’s really easy to say it (or write it), and actually just thinking of life without cheese can be super painful. But, it’s worth it, right? We invest so much in our health and wellbeing every day, that cutting out dairy from our diets is just one more step to take. What about Omega 3 for acne?

It’s the harsh truth – if you really want clearer skin with no acne on the neck or shoulder acne and no rashes, cutting out dairy is probably inevitable. But, since it’s such a huge step to take, you really don’t have to do it immediately by giving up on all the milk and cheese that you’d normally eat, but instead try giving up little by little in order not to feel the absence of dairy so much.

Alternatives to dairy

But lucky for all of us, with the rise of vegan diet’s popularity, there are countless alternatives to dairy products nowadays that can be easily found in any market. So, instead of buying regular cow’s milk, you can instead try unsweetened organic almond or unsweetened organic coconut milk. They are both really tasty and much healthier, as long as you’re careful that you get those without added sugars.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can also make some nut milk yourself, like almond, brazil or hazelnut milk, it’s super easy and so tasty. There are countless of recipes out there, but basically it comes down to leaving nuts to soak in water for some time (usually one whole day). They taste better than the store-bought ones and no need to say that they’re even healthier since you can control what you add to them.

Just be careful, when looking for nice milk alternatives that will be gentle on your skin and will not cause acne, I’d suggest staying away from soy milk. SInce soy milk is made out of processed soybeans that can disturb your body hormones (and you really don’t want that if you have acne problems), but it also contains omega-6 fats that can be inflammatory and cause acne.


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