11 Things We Love About Winter

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2019)

It’s that time of year when the weather outside leaves a lot to be desired and we begin the yearly ritual of a bowl of hot soup for dinner and Netflix on the couch. But whilst many of us seem to hibernate throughout the winter period, patiently waiting for the sun to make an appearance, there are in fact many things to love about this time of year. It’s all about being positive right? There are still reasons to like winter! Here are some winter things to do and love.

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1. Hot Chocolate
With bikini season being the very least of our worries at this time of year, there’s nothing more comforting than returning home and treating yourself to a hot cup of cocoa. It’s like a hug from the inside, and don’t forget those marshmallows too!

2. Fuzzy Blankets
Whether it’s at home or work, you will need your favourite fuzzy blanket to snuggle up into. I am known to have blankets, blankets every where in the home. Nothing like being all rugged up and cosy indoors when the weather outside is plain dreadful.

Stay motivated and escape the workout rut in winter!

3. Tights and Leggings
Tights and leggings mean you can quietly ditch the razor routine! I love the simple, classic get up of a tunic with tights/leggings and a leather jacket – so simple and trendy. Don’t forget though that time is ticking still and before you know it, winter will be over so be sure to get ready for then too! It’s the best time to book in for a laser hair removal treatment and pampering spa to get ready for the warmer season!

4. Dark Nail Polish
Maroons, navies, deep reds and purple. It’s great to switch up our manis and pedis for something a little bit darker over the winter period (although I’m always sporting the darker colours through the year anyway).

5. Pyjama Days
Winter is the perfect excuse to take some time out and relax. When the weather starts to really turn, there’s nothing better than staying home and donning your thick, fluffy socks and dressing gowns teamed with warm and cozy PJ’s. I am definitely guilty of being in my comfy bathrobe at noon. Sorry not sorry though, comfort and warmth is important!

6. Winter Accessories
If you prefer styling your knee length leather boots more than a pair of dainty sandals, then winter is your time to shine. Winter accessories are just so cute and comfortable – thick woolly pom-pom hats (not so much for me but for my little ones), blanket scarves and trendy boots.

7. Mulled Wine
I’m not much of a wine drinker myself but mulled wine is a popular, favourite treats over the colder months. Check out some recipes here.

8. Winter Fashion
Winter is all about layering. Not only does this winter fashion trend look and feel fantastic, it can really help to hide that winter weight gain as well 😉 I love my turtle neck sweaters and tops too.

9. Comfort Food
Homemade soup, roast potatoes, casseroles and apple pie. Cold weather means we get to indulge a little in our favourite comfort foods.

10. Bubble baths
Not many things help to take that winter chill out of your bones than a long, relaxing bubble bath. I love my bubble baths and the cold weather is just the perfect excuse and a well deserved pamper routine.

11. Winter Scents
There’s something super comforting about the fragrances and scents that are present throughout the colder months – whether it’s a new perfume from your favourite brand or a new collection of wintery scented candles that fill your home with the soothing smell of spicy cinnamon, these seasonal scents are a delight.

If you’re pining for the summer sun like me, let’s not wish the days away. There’s still a lot to be happy about. Besides, the dreadful cold weather is coming to an end soon – I’ve been counting! If you love the cold weather, enjoy what’s left of the cool weeks. What do you love about winter?

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